Fashion + Food

My name is Jodi and I have two great loves (other than myself). They are, in no particular order, fashion and food. To me, these two things directly rely on each other - and I don't mean in the way that if you eat too much fancy food you can no longer wear all of your fabulous fashions. - I mean in the way that both of these factions of my life revolve around trends. Consider this - Just two short years ago, you could go to very few dining establishments and find an item with goat cheese on the menu - one of my favorite things - but now it is common place on the menu at many trendy eateries as well as in people's kitchens.


Smoked salmon, goat cheese, tomato and spinach with lemon dill aioli on sour dough at Sky Blue Cafe in East Nashville.


The same can be said of crop tops - an item once considered to be risqué and frozen in the 90s is now back in style and available at any boutique you may choose to grace with your debit card.


Wearing a standard black crop top with high-rise denim and handmade clutch by a mural in Southside, Chattanooga.


Trends are like the circle of life, ( if you're not mentally singing Elton John right now I am judging you) what comes around goes around - and this is why the word vintage will always be one of my favorites - because it refers to both fabulous fashions, and fabulous wine - which I consider to be one of the four major food groups.

Until we eat again - Jodi 

"The Fashionable Foodie"

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