Lox: It's what's for breakfast.

I want to share with you one of my favorite foods - something that I consider to be a delicacy - and something that not every eater feels confident enough to try. Often, when I have enjoyed this fare in the presence of friends they are curious, asking "Is it raw?" or "Is it chewy?" and some dare to find out themselves. What is this mystery food that I am referring to? The answer is lox - and it is truly heavenly (and no, it is not raw or chewy.).

"What in the world are lox?!?"

Lox, or smoked salmon, is a fillet of brined, cold-smoked salmon that is traditionally served on a bagel with cream cheese. Often tomato, red onion, and capers are added to the combination to create a filling sandwich that is traditionally considered to be a breakfast or brunch food. I however, could eat this meal at any time of day - possibly twice a day - for the rest of my life (unless I am a bit hungover, as I have learned that combination is less than pleasant.).

Via my travels - I have come to find that lox are more common in Northern areas of the US. If you are visiting New York, I strongly suggest that you stop by a traditional Jewish deli and give it a try (or if you are anywhere for that matter!). These establishments take their lox seriously and you won't be disappointed. I would suggest Katz's Delicatessen on E. Houston Street. SO. GOOD.

However, being that I am a Southern girl living in Chattanooga, my local suggestion and personal favorite would be Milk & Honey located on N. Market Street. Here, the slices of salmon are thick and fresh tasting (personally I ask them to go easy on the cream cheese as they tend to get a bit carried away, but that is just a personal preference.) and you can get them on a variety of different breads.


Bagel with lox and cream cheese from Milk and Honey in Chattanooga, TN. They serve with a side of fruit - yum!


Being the lox fanatic that I am, below are some of my favorite ways to enjoy this nosh.


Whole wheat bagel with lox, cream cheese and avocado - eaten as a sandwich. AMAZING! One of my favorite lunches.


Lox served with Greek yogurt cream cheese over Parmesan toast. Great for a get-together appetizer!


For the sushi lover - Philadelphia Roll! I love to grab a Philly roll from Whole Foods when I am on the go (yes, I eat it with my hands while driving.). This roll includes smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Until we eat again - Jodi

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