Konnichiwa Kimono

A kimono saved my life today. My mother - whom is a less than prompt texter - scooped me up for lunch at Petunia's Silver Jalapeño today unannounced and the gray crop and denim shorts I had on were less than striking. I needed a quick fix. That is when I reached for a kimono by Needle & Thread that had been hanging in my closet for years. I may have worn it twice, but it never really did anything special for me. However, after the recent rise of popularity of this particular type of item I thought it might be a good idea. Turns out, it was. The resturant was chilly, I was comfortable. My outfit prior was drab and boring, the kimono added a little flare (which I try never to leave home without). I added a little extra sparkle with some statement necklaces of my own design and - BAM - instant outfit.


The moral of this superhero story - I recommend you go buy a kimono.  


Wearing the life-saving, Needle & Thread kimono with a grey crop and high-rise denim - topped off with heavy layred jewels from my own collection.


Here are some more cool pictures of lovely ladies rocking out the kimono look that I find to be just right -


Just because you're not into florals, doesn't mean to can't jump on this bandwagon.


A casual cup on coffee.


A coverup that is the perfect weight - even if it is steamy enough outside for shaved ice.


Dress down while you dress up. The kimono keeps things light and flirty, but the clutch provides a more formal feel.


This kimono deeply resembles the one I donned today. The neutral floral print is versatile and can be worn with colors as well as neturals.


Let me in this girls closet!


After my adventure with my new friend kimono today, I did some online shopping and found some great places to snag a few more. Check them out below -


(One of my all time favorite brands.)


(So many amazing options!) 


(One of my favorite online boutiques.)  

Beside a mural in Southside Chattanooga.


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