A Few of my Favorite Things: Sushi + Overalls

If you missed seeing Sarah Jessica Parker on Ellen rocking a pair of overalls then you also probably missed the moment I decided to revert back to my childhood wardrobe.  

SJP wearing Blank NYC 'All Over It' overalls in blue on The Ellen Show.


As a child, my mother thought I was adorable when styling a pair of overalls. A stranger could have mistaken my closet for an OshKosh B'gosh outlet store. I had overalls - with matching hair bows, of course - in every color of the rainbow.

Later in my youth, I would look upon photos of my infant and toddler years and fuss at my mother for the way she dressed me (until I could dress myself of course, because once that bridge was crossed no one was picking out my clothes but me - this happened around age five, needless to say) and I would ask her why she loved overalls so much. Then, upon seeing SJP wear the old trend in a new way, my childlike sensability was sparked and I immediately sought out a pair of skinny-fit overalls for myself. Literally, I was on a quest.

Victory was mine when I found my perfect pair of modern overalls at a local boutique. They are made by 02 Denim and have proven to have been an excellent purchase. I wear them causally with flats, or with heels for a funky outfit for a weekend night out!


Wearing 02 Denim overalls and a felt hat at a casual sushi lunch date.


If you are like me, and can really get into the overall trend (they are so stinkin' comfortable!) then maybe you want to take it one step further, as I did, and take a more vintage, ambiguous approach to this article of clothing.

Growing up, my grandfather wore overalls every day. He had SO many pairs. In his old age (he is 93 - woah!) he can no longer wear his overalls, as they are hard for him to get on and off. So, before my grandmother threw out his old pairs I asked if I could have one. Be it fait or not - they are OskKosh and I adore them. I turned them into a pair of cut offs and wear them on lazy, comfy days. They are truly amazing and the look was so easy to accomplish.


Wearing my grandfather's OshKosh overalls with a crop top and flower crown at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN with Clare Bowen from Nashville.


I realize I have totally neglected the second part of this post - SUSHI - but that is because i just want to take a moment to talk about sushi buffets. I know what most of you are thinking "Eww!" but that is not always the case. As of late, I have had some great experiences with sushi buffets and - being that sushi is my favorite food - this is like Christmas coming at least once a month for me. So, below is a list of things I take into consideration before trying out a sushi buffet, and if you happen to stumble across a good one I really suggest you give it a try. If you are a sushi lover like me, or a first time sushi eater, it gives you a great opportunity to try a lot of different things and discover something you love that you might not have otherwise tried.

So, here is my list of things to consider when checking out a sushi buffet:

1. Is the sushi covered? 

When I see that a place covers their sushi instead of leaving it sitting out in the open air I am ten times more likely to eat at that establishment. Keeping the sushi covered keeps out ick and bacteria after all!

2. How fast is the sushi disappearing from or being changed out from the buffet table? 

If the place is poppin' and the fish isn't sitting out for long or, if the chefs are keeping the selection fresh then you are good to go!

3. What is the reputation of the sushi establishment?

Let's be honest, we know what places are to be trusted. If you are visiting a city you aren't familiar with, then give the Urbanspoon app a try. It provides great reviews for places nearest you.

4. Trust your instincts. 

Look around you. Does the place look nice? How is the wait staff? If you feel good about eating somewhere then it is probably ok. There is nothing yucky about sushi buffets as long as you pick the right place to stuff your face!

Side note: I suggest you try anything with a piece of salmon draped across the top. SO. GOOD.


Chowing down at the Friday sushi buffet at Sekisui in Chattanooga.


Until we eat again - Jodi 

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