Sweet Treats & Working Girl LBDs

When my day is full of meetings I just want to be comfortable, but I refuse to sacrifice the look of my outfit for function. There is always a middle ground and I find it every time I buy a new article of clothing. If it is not comfortable, I do not buy it - end of story. On the line up for my four hour meeting today: the working girl's little black dress.  

Wearing a classic little black shirt dress from Target.


This simple black shirt dress is from Target and it is SO comfortable. It was around $20.00 and is honestly a staple in my closet. I very easily take it from work, to running errands around town, to night with some very minor changes and always feel comfortable and stylish. Today I had a monthly meeting that usually lasts around six hours (however, today we got out two hours earlier than I expected! YAY!) so I wanted to wear something that I would be comfortable in all day. For my meeting, I paired the dress with simple gold jewelry and nude heels. I styled my hair in an up-do, because I am more comfortable working when my hair is not in my way (and I think it makes me look more respectable). After my meetings I needed to run around my neighborhood and do some errands - and some light shopping - so I threw off my heels and put on a pair of simple gold sandals. I was very quickly ready to walk around town and be comfortable in the Tennessee heat.


Jewelry details from Silver Jewelry Arcade and my own handmade collection JoLeigh Designs.


To celebrate my meeting ending early, which is a rare thrill, I stopped by one of my new favorite places in Chattanooga. The Hot Chocolatier is a sweets and coffee shop on Market Street that makes me go weak in the knees. Let's just say, when I treat myself I don't cut corners.


Sweets display at The Hot Chocolatier in Southside Chattanooga, TN.


When it comes to Chattanooga, the deserts here are the best around. Their selection can not be matched and they have something for everyone - unless you don't like sweets, in which case my waist line envies you.


Eclair with  bean filling and whipped chocolate ganache topping.


I enjoyed a delicious eclair - one of my personal favorite goodies - the vanilla bean filling was fluffy and not overly sweet which really balanced out the heavy chocolate ganache. SO. GOOD. The pastry was fluffy and melted in my mouth. I literally devoured this thing and acted as though Rachael Ray was my spirit animal (Oooo. Ohhhhh. So. Good - Oh my gosh. In a Canadian accent of course). Let's just hope my sweet splurge does't prevent me from wearing my favorite outfits! All things in moderation - that includes eating and shopping!


Running errands in my neighborhood in downtown Chattanooga.


Until we eat again - Jodi 

"The Fashionable Foodie"

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