Neapolitan Nails + Tiny Gold Details

So I painted my nails today - which never happens - and of course my color palette was inspired by food. I was feeling very classic today (the new classic, if you catch my drift) so decided to wear a pair of black, high waisted skinnies and a black and white crop top with tiny cutouts. I added a pair of color block, black and white heels and a red plaid bandana to add a bit of extra pin-up(ish) flair - with red lips of course.  

Wearing high-waisted skinnies and a B&W crop top with Rosie the Riveter touches.


When it comes to personal style, I am very inspired by strong women who have come before us. Audrey Hepburn, Jackie 'O and Rosie the Riveter are three of my personal favorites (even though Rosie was not a real woman, real women lived her story every day and they are inspiring!).


While getting this shot, I heard a woman passing by say "That looks like something from an Alexander  McQueen photo shoot." I don't know how familiar this woman is with Alexander McQueen, but I was very flattered.


With this outfit in mind, I tried something different out with my nails. I have been seeing a lot of gradient shading on nails these days, so I decided to take this effect and try something different. I love neutral nails, but I also love a pop of color. So, I did my nails in a color scheme that reminds me of my favorite classic ice-cream flavor. Neapolitan! Mostly because I get three flavors in one - so I never have to make an actual decision.

I have also finally, after many attempts, found my perfect daily ring combination. I love the way that tiny gold jewelry details add a very feminine touch to your look. I am obsessed with them! These rings have become an every day staple to me. I never leave the house without them!


Nails transforming from nude - to taupe - to red with dainty, gold rings.

I ate several sinful things today. I have been trying to make a real effort to eat food that is both good and good for you, but my sweet tooth has been on a rager here lately. Also, I went to a modern diner tonight and I was ravenous - so a salad simply would not do. However, what I did decide on was so, SO delicious I honestly do not regret eating it at all! I fed my face with what this establishment called a Loaded Grilled Cheese - AMAZING. 


Loaded Grilled Cheese from Blue Plate in Chattanooga, TN = BBQ pulled pork, cheese, and (wait for it...) mac and cheese! I added the tomato and I would highly reccomend it. I also had a salad instead of home fries - points for trying?


Of course, the evening also included ice-cream, which I also do not regret - not even a little - because it had been on my brain all day. I will go for a long run tomorrow...


Local ice-cream from Clumpies in Chattanooga, TN = peanut butter scoop under a strawberry scoop in a pretty waffle cone (most photogenic ice-cream in the city).



Until we eat again – Jodi

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