Asheville is delicious.

My first full day in Asheville has been very tasty. While I can't say much for the fashion scene in Asheville - even though there are a few good boutiques littered about downtown - I can say that the food scene is off the charts. I have yet to eat anything bad. We lunched at Chorizo Latin Fare and it was an excellent snap decision. As we were walking in the gates, a women off the street leaned over to us as she passed and said, "This place is amazing!" - so of course we walked right in. We also learned it was mojito Monday, which didn't hurt our decision.

A mojito and a cheerful sunflower on our table al fresco - which is the original reason I picked this place to eat!


When my mom and I are eating together, we like to order two different things a share - a practice I highly recommend! This was our lunch today!


Plate #1 - Arcade Flapjack: One pancake, egg, salmon cakes, bacon, and fruit salsa.


This dish was very sweet and savory. It was on the breakfast menu - which they serve all day - and was wonderful! The pancakes had a hint of almond in them and the fruit salsa was like a to die for jam.


Plate #2 - Roasted Pork: pineapple, spinach, queso blanco, avocado, and salsa ranchero.


I would call this dish my hit of the day. It was so surprising and so good. They consider this to be an enchilada, but to me at was a big bowl of wonderment. The pork was perfection and so tender and flavorful. It was the combination of things, and the different bites that you could create that made this so great!


Dining al fresco is my favorite! This place had the best patio area - great for people watching - and Asheville defiantly has some people to watch...


Today was all about exploring Asheville in every aspect. We tried new foods, scoped out the shopping situation, and sought out cool sights that Asheville has to offer. After lunch, we visited the Basilica of Saint Lawrence. It was truly beautiful.


The Basilica of St. Lawrence


Views from the inner workings of the Basilica.


More views of the Basilica.


We also took a crazy bus tour - while I usually shy away from touristy activities, this tour was so much fun and there were actually several locals on board. The bus was BYOB and the tour guides were hilarious. We had a great time on the LaZoom Big Purple Bus!


The LaZoom Big Purple Bus - All aboard!


Today, Asheville also gave me the best cup of coffee I have ever had. I am a picky coffee drinker. I don't always love the stuff, but this was seriously good. To miss a small rain shower, we ducked into the Battery Park Book Exchange and I instantly fell in love with this place's vibe and clearly their caffeine beverages.


At Battery Park Book Exchange wearing a black, cropped boho top by Free People and my favorite denim shorts by Jessica Simpson paired with jewelry of my own design.


Our dinner was delightful. We dined al fresco again at Modesto Trattoria, whose menu changes every two days to ensure freshness and variety.


Plate #1 - Simple Brushetta: "Farm 44" wild greens, goat cheese, tomato, olives, pesto.


Disclaimer: I dug into this plate before taking a photo, so please excuse the look of this plate. It was very beautiful before I began to stuff my face. Plate #2 - Pollo Carbonara: chicken, gorgonzola, pancetta, and walnuts over local, organic pappardelle noodles.


My outfit for the evening - my favorite skirt of all time by Jealous Tomato with a plain black crop and jewelry from my own design collection along with a headband by Pink Pewter.


Getting my new piece of art for my apartment back to the hotel! If you don't visit the galleries in Asheville you are missing out!


Thanks for another beautiful day Asheville!


Until we eat again – Jodi

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Asheville is beautiful - and thirsty.

Asheville, NC - Here we come.