Asheville, NC - Here we come.

I am a struggle packer. This morning, when my mother was meeting me in 15 minutes, this was all I had packed - and it wasn't even in a bag yet.  

The struggle is real.


We had intentions of leaving Chattanooga by 11:00 AM. We left around 2:30 PM. I refuse to believe this was my fault alone - I also blame the hangover I was nursing and the driver of the struggle bus I was riding who wouldn't let me off at any of the stops.


Trying to revive myself at Whole Foods with two extreme bottles of water. Wearing my grandfather's overalls and an Urban Outfitters long sleeve crop (and looking less than fabulous).


After much ado, we finally hit the road to Asheville and arrived in time for some exploring and some mouth watering food. I always like to ask locals for their recommendations and tonight that practice served us well. We dined at The Blackbird and it was delicious!


Dinner drinks - mine, a Champagne Germain made from St. Germain Elderflower liquer, Gruet Brut Champagne, and fresh berries. My mother's - her usual mojito.


We enjoy dining family style and trying a couple of things on the menu. Our starter - HouseSmoked Duck & Pork Belly. The duck was extra amazing! I love duck!


Our other choice was the catch of the day, which was tuna served with lemon thyme risotto, scallops, green beans, and a lemon guerre blanc. It was wonderful.


I love seeking out good food in new places! I can't wait to see what Asheville day two has to offer!


Visiting Double D's coffee, which is a great coffee stop in a double decker bus! Wearing a floral print baby doll dress from Umgee with dramatic bell sleeves.


Goodnight Asheville!


Thanks for a great first evening Asheville!

Until we eat again – Jodi

“The Fashionable Foodie”

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