Nashville - a moment about office fashion.

I deeply appreciate that I have been blessed enough to work in a creative field - advertising and public relations - where I am allowed several liberties when it comes to work place wear. I am on the road a pretty good bit, but my physical office is in Nashville and when I have the opportunity to go in I get very excited about picking out my outfits. Most people are confined to some rules when it comes to dressing for their workplace. They need to wear a suit, or at least something with a collar - I don't carry that burden. I particularly loved my outfit the last time I made the trip to Nashville and I was appropriate and comfortable all day long.  

My outfit for the office - a bright, aztec print dress with lace up wedges, topped off with a cup of coffee - of course.


Until we eat again – Jodi

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Asheville, NC - Here we come.

A day without glasses -