Asheville is beautiful - and thirsty.

Some days don't start out perfectly - even when you are traveling. OK - especially when you are traveling. However, making the best of a work crisis and an intense need for coffee and internet at the same location took me to a really cool cafe in downtown Asheville called the Green Sage Cafe. The day was supposed to have been all about the Biltmore, but when works calls - you answer the phone.  

Today's desk with a good, good latte.


A whole wheat biscuit with egg and turkey sausage along with a carrot pancake that was SO good.


The beauty of the Biltmore Estate is staggering. For me, it has nothing to do with the inner workings of the house or how lavish it is. For me, it is all about the grounds. They are heavenly. The way the house is nestled in the mountains and the grander of the gardens makes the price of the ticket worth while, even if you never enter the house. Honestly, the tour of the inside of the house gave me major anxiety - just sharing my personal opinion.


The water lilies were so beautiful! I wish I could grow these in my apartment!


A beautiful kimono in the most beautiful garden ever! Did I mention I am still riding this kimono wave - cause I am!


Just a queen surveying her castle - no big deal.


In front of the Biltmore house wearing high-waisted denim, a black crop, and a long kimono. Also wearing one of my favorite pieces from my jewelry line JoLeigh Designs.


The food in Asheville is seriously top notch - even our turkey sandwich at the Biltmore didn't disappoint. However, compared to the eats we had the day before, it was unimpressive. The food court situation is housed in the area that used to be a stable and it has a few options. Several cafe style choices and an ice-cream parlor are available.


Turkey on locally made wheat bread with cheddar, lettuce, and apple chutney.


Ok, ok, ok. I had to have something sweet too.


Cranberry, oatmeal and yogurt cookie - YUM.


Let's be honest here - I came to this place for the wine. As I have said before, and as I am sure I will say again, I consider wine to be one of the major food groups. When they are slinging the stuff out for free, you know I am catchin' it - and I have to say, the wine from the Antler Hill Winery is very very nice!


Wine tasting! I like to make good use of both my white and red wine glasses.


After drinking copious amounts of wine - we figured it was the perfect time to visit one of Asheville's many amazing breweries. They don't call it Beer City, USA for nothing! We got caught in the rain on the way to the Wicked Weed Brewery, which prompted us to also have dinner there and I am so glad. The food was just as good as the beer.


Two glasses of Lunatic Blonde at Wicked Weed - glad they made a beer just for my visit.


Bean dip on homemade tortila chips that were delightfully seasoned. They reminded me of homemade Fritos.


Two words - LOBSTER ROLL. This is seriously one of my favorite foods. So. good.


I am just going to get right down to the nitty gritty. After visiting a winery and a brewery - we went to a bar. I am not ashamed. It was a good day, and I do not regret it. Happy Asheville ya'll.

5 Walnut Wine Bar was perfection. It might be the coolest establishment I have ever enjoyed. They have live music every night and the atmosphere is top notch. The music was not your average bar music. The musicians played classic tunes and occasionally a man would stand on a chair in the middle of the tiny joint and sing a tune like Frank Sinatra. This was my heaven. And - they serve cake.


Blueberry cake from 5 Walnut Wine Bar.


A perfect end to a perfect day. Just because something doesn't start out great doesn't mean it can't end that way.

Until we eat again - Jodi 

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On the road again - bye bye Asheville.

Asheville is delicious.