Chicago, Cutouts and Pattern Mixing

Visiting Chicago for work-related reasons honestly had me dancing on my desk. Traveling can create some long, long days - but it is honestly one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, while in the city for meetings I didn't have the opportunity to experience any of the amazing food the city has to offer - but I did wear some fun outfits! I have a different definition of business casual than most. Being that I am in a creative profession, I want my clothes to express my colorful and fun spirit as opposed to wearing a suit all day. So, to me business casual is about combining my own personal style and creativity while also being covered up enough to be office environment appropriate.





Cutouts have been in for a bit now. We have seen large chunks falling out of the sides of dresses and the hems of skirts for a while. I consider this a more work appropriate way to wear this trend. The mesh neckline is fun, but not too revealing and the actual cutouts in the sleeves are mirrored in the rest of the dress, adding detail without actually showing skin.







I think mixing patterns is always acceptable when done correctly. This full, floral skirt was comfortable and fun when paired with a black and white stripped tee! Here are some more of my favorite examples of pattern mixing gone right!


This photo is the inspiration for my outfit!

I love wearing black and white head to toe. So classic.

More florals and stripes! I am obviously partial.


If you want to venture into the world of pattern mixing, you can also check out this Guide to Pattern Mixing from Making It Lovely.




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