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There are two things I always notice when I visit Knoxville, TN (other than football – GO VOLS!). It is an excellent place to find good food and it is covered up with interesting public art – namely murals.I am a huge advocate of public art. I think that allowing local artists to express themselves in a way that others can causally enjoy is a great way to let a city show its flavor and personality. A city without public art is BORING! Over my two days in Knoxville, I did all of my dining in an area called Market Square – which is my personal favorite area of town.


Market Square - Knoxville, TN


In Market Square, you can find a variety of cool and eclectic shops and restaurants – none of which I have ever had a bad meal in – but also not all of which I have tried. On my first day in Knoxville we had a lovely lunch at Trio, where you can comfortably dine outside (one of my favorite things!).


Lunch at Trio - Cordon Blue hot pressed panini with chicken, ham, swiss cheese and dijon aiolo.


I also had to do a little bit of shopping – of course – and I snagged myself a little piece of Tennessee to wear around my neck. It’s all about little gold details.


My new tiny gold piece of Tennessee from BlueTique.


The following day, we had lunch at The Tomato Head. This place has an awesome menu full of fresh, local ingredients. You also have the option to order any of their house pizza combinations by the slice during lunch hours. I love this option, because I appreciate the ability to try several different things from the menu.


Hummus with fresh pita and cucumber - the hummus had a little KICK and was excellent when balanced out with the cucumber.

My two slices -  On the left, goat cheese white pizza with Roma tomatoes and basil. On the right - Smoked salmon white pizza with pesto. They both pieces were so flavorful! Loved them!


My sweet tooth honestly never stops. Sometimes I give it a firm smack in the mouth and tell it NOT TODAY, but this was not one of those days. Macaroons. I love macaroons. If I ever see the opportunity to savor a few good ones, I do not pass it up.

Let me explain myself – not all macaroons are good. There is a very delicate texture that has to be achieved. The cookie needs to be light and the filling not to sticky.

Fortunately, the macaroons I had from The French Market were delicious. I would call them my second favorite of all time.


Macaroons from The French Market on Gay Street in Knoxville. The assortment of flavors was wonderful.

I far prefer to "taste the rainbow" like this.


So about this public art – and my wardrobe choices – the best place to find hidden artistic gold in Knoxville is, believe it or not, in alley ways. There are several that are notable; however, the murals pictured below are from an alley near Market Square that you can’t miss. Even if you are driving by, the colors pop out at you on the street. It is defiantly worth taking a pass down.


Wearing a solid white, razor back crop with brightly printed palazzo shorts. Earrings by my design, JoLeigh Designs.

Of all the fish in the sea, you're the one for me!


My final evening in Knoxville was such a treat. We dined at one of my usual favorites, Latitude 35, which has a grilled cheese of the week that is always awesome and creative. I read the menu every time, but can never pass up giving it a try. This night was no different.


The grilled cheese of the week - This time, it was a crab meat and bacon paring with pepper jack cheese on fresh sourdough bread. Throw in some sweet potato fries and it was fabulous!


I also has the pleasure of seeing Ray LaMontagne in concert at the Tennessee Theatre, which is a truly beautiful venue.


Ray at the Tennessee Theater!


We finished out the night at a prohibition style bar in the Oliver called The Library. This place is so cool. There is actually a black door in the alley with a red light and a window. They only let a few people in and the drinks are good.


Drinks at The Library - What's the password???


I guess when it comes to Knoxville, the moral of the story is – walk down as many sketchy side roads as possible. You never know what you are going to find.


Until we eat again - Jodi

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