Sunday Funday

In Chattanooga, Sunday is market day. I take the term Sunday Funday very seriously and try to spend it doing things that make my soul happy. Those things usually involve buying local produce/plants at the market (SHOP LOCAL!!!), eating good food, and wearing a fun outfit.  

Lunch today happened at Bluewater Grille and was delicious. I am a sucker for good tuna. The more raw that someone will serve it to me the happier I am.


Fresh tuna rolled in spices pan seared and served rare over wasabi aioli with sweet ginger rice and julienne vegetables.


Sundays make me want to dress super comfy. I love things that are flowing and make me feel free and easy. Today's outfit achieved those moments perfectly - other than the sleeves, it was bit warm for them.


Wearing a royal blue tunic over a full, orange shirt.


Playing model in Center Park.


Details - clutch by C. Wonder, necklace by my own design, JoLeigh Designs.


Sunday also requires gelato - and macaroons. I don't feel like I need an excuse for this. I enjoy sweets. Life is too short.


Amazing gelato from Milk & Honey. Three scoops = peanut butter banana honey, coffee, and milk and honey. Top it off with a blueberry macaroon - can't say no to that!


Now that I am home for a few days, I can finally get back in the kitchen. I love to cook, and even though tonight's meal was nothing fancy, it was delicious and really nice to even just boil water again.


Organic mushroom medley ravioli with organic tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.


Until we eat again - Jodi 

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