Red dresses - Greek flavors.

Since the beginning of time, red has been a power color for women (especially blonde women). Lady in Red did not become a classic for no reason, after all. It is bright, bold and exudes the air of confidence that every strong woman should carry herself with. While I will always find the LBD to be an essential element of any girl's closet, I also think the LRD - little red dress - is an important staple piece to include in one's wardrobe.  



I love properly layered necklaces. 

Honestly, you can never have too much extra sparkle. 






I can not eat enough Greek food. The Greek flavor set is my favorite - period. Personally, I think there should be an international holiday (that is a week long) to celebrate feta cheese. Simply feta cheese alone, not to mention the other taste bud captivating spices that come along with Mediterranean cuisine. Seriously - I die.

In general, I believe in eating as local as possible. It is one of my strict rules for daily living to also choose local whenever possible. However, if I am craving Greek flavors and I don't have a lot of time - or money - available Taziki's is truly delicious. I will make an exception to my 'mostly local' rule for a bite of their basil-pesto Gyro.




For me - Greek food is about more than a good Gyro (and I hope that you're saying that correctly).









Until we eat again - Jodi


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