Wine = one of the major food groups.

When I say that I consider wine to be one of the major food groups I am truly not joking - I mean, it's made from fruit, HELLO! In Chattanooga, I am on the steering committee for an event called Wine Over Water, which shares a concept with an event I attended this weekend called Wine on the WestSide. Pretty much what this amounts to is drinking wine for about four hours. In other words - my heaven.


Wine on the West Side - Cookeville, TN.










I am a huge supporter of local art - Art Prowl and their rolling piece of artwork had a booth at Wine on the WestSide. Their mission is to boost visibility of the arts and they have been doing so since 1999. I had to spend a moment with the art mobile.


Public Art


Where there is wine there must be food. 




Until we eat again - Jodi 

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