A collection of my weekend food - and drink - moments.

Mimosas - Blue Plate - Chattanooga, TN  

Local 919 - Cheese Omelet - Sweetwater Valley gouda and buttermilk cheddar - with Benton's bacon and toast.


My favorite beverage.


Obviously. Mimosas - The Flying Squirrel - Chattanooga, TN


The Flying Squirrel - blueberry pancake, bacon, sweet syrup.


French Toast - The Flying Squirrel - Niedlov's sourdough, orange molasses, powdered sugar.


Tony's Pasta - Chattanooga, TN - Fusilli - grilled chicken, wild mushrooms, roasted red pepper cream sauce.


Lots of carbs to soak up all that champagne. 

Until we eat again - Jodi 

"The Fashionable Foodie"

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Tapas and jumpsuits.

Hotlanta - continued.