Sushi - on a healthy note.

Just because it looks it, doesn't mean it is healthy - I'm talking about my favorite food - sushi. While it has many benefits, there are also elements of any sushi menu that one should avoid when trying to make health conscious decisions about food. Personally, I am on a mission to teach myself to eat better while still enjoying things that I love. Sushi has been my most recent mission.

After doing lots of research, I have discovered a few things one can do you make their sushi meal more healthful while not compromising the taste you love.

I tried a few of those things today.




So - what is so special about the sushi you see? It is made with a mixture of quinoa and rice. There is a slight texture change, but the taste is not changed at all. There is just enough rice in the mix to keep the sweet taste that sushi rice provides to bounce off of the fish which cutting down the amount of rice you are actually eating. It also adds all the benefits of eating quinoa - a power grain - to you meal. Yay!

I got this sushi from Whole Foods. They also have brown rice available, but I far prefer the mixture, and it is better for you.




There are also a few more tips I have picked up on to make your sushi meal more healthy.

Here they are -

Stick with salmon or tuna - they are rich in omega-3s

Avoid crunchy - for obvious reasons

Anything steamed, grilled, or raw is good to go

Don't miss the ginger and wasabi - it is benefituial (however, I simply can not)

The more veggies the better

Exchange your white rice for brown - or my mixture shown above

Make sure to use reduced sodium soy sauce - or don't use it at all, I don't!

Use the chopsticks - they will help you to slow down your eating

Avoid rolls with lots of sauce - things like Japanese mayo simply aren't good for you

Avoid the cream cheese - I love it more than anything, but we all have to make sacrifices

Sashimi or nigiri are better than maki (rolls)

There you have it!

Until we eat again - Jodi 

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