The love of my life.

Let's talk about agendas. On of my greatest loves is my planner.

I simply can not understand people who do not keep a good, ole' fashioned paper planner. Every year around this time I start to get the fever. Which planner will I use next year? Do I want to go with the same one? Is it time to move on to something different?

The question literally consumes me.

I am a mess.

Thank goodness I have a planner.


I have tried several of the really popular agenda options. Lilly Pulitzer, Erin Condren, and my current planner is by Plum Paper.


For my first three years of college I used the ever popular Lilly Pulitzer planner. The system worked well for me then - it was a scattered, yet color coded, weekly page of homework assignments, class schedules and social events. However, by my final year of school I needed something more. I wanted more organization and more space to make lists and write important weekly memos.

(See more info about Lilly Pulitzer Agendas here - - or here -

I moved then to the Erin Condren Life Planner. This planner was a pleasant change from the Lilly planner. The weeks run vertically across the page spread instead of down the pages horizontally. This planner also provides and area for a weekly check list, which reduced the amount of post-it notes that once cluttered my Lilly planner. Of course, the customizable cover of this agenda is also very cool. However, in this very transitional year of my life, I realized I still needed more. I wanted my days to be divided by time slots and I wanted MORE spaces for lists.

(For more information about the Erin Condren Life Planner click here -


So, I finally arrived at my current planner destination - and for me it really is a destination - at my Plum Paper planner. I have loved this planner. I can not imagine a planning system having a better weekly layout than this one does - AND - Plum Paper lets you choose your weekly layout options. They give you four choices, so you can choose what worlds best for you. I decided to go with the days divided by time, because it provided me with exactly what I was wanting at the time. It has been perfect. This planner also comes with a customizable cover as well. Every girl loves a good monogram.

(To check out the awesome options Plum Paper offers click here - 


Alas, as we move toward 2015 I have gotten the fever again. Even though I adore my current planner, I find myself also wanting a daily spread. Why can a daily/weekly/monthly planner not exist???

So of course I find myself wanting to create one.

Now, after much consideration, I am considering moving to the Filofax, or a similar, system. Because of the binder rings, I could create the planner of my dreams by adding daily layouts and other charts and pages to help me keep track of my life.

AND - the Filofax community is crazy. These people are passionate about their planners (just like me!) which makes me feel like maybe it will be a good move for me. Also, the leather exterior of a Filofax or similar binder gives off a more professional vibe, which would be nice as I carry my agenda with me into every meeting and conference that I attend.

I simply can't decide!

I literally had a dream about planners the other night.

This is not a drill.

Here are some of the leather planners I am considering.


(For more information about Filofax click here - 


(To check out Kikki K planners click here -

Side note - there are so many great bloggers out there who have devoted themselves to writing about their Filofax experience! I browse all the time for inspiration.


So what do you guys think?

What planner do you use?

Do you love it?

Let me know!


I will keep you updated on my agenda soul search.

Until we eat again - Jodi 

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Evenings out.

A healthy return.