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Boots are my favorite type of shoes. Make no mistake, I love a festive pair of sparkly pumps or an adorable pair of flats - really I love all shoes - but there is something about the comfort of a good pair of boots that for me personally can't be beat. It also may have something to do with my love of colder weather, and the availability of boots being a direct fashion sign of fall - Who knows?

I have created a collection of my boot and bootie must haves for the upcoming seasons. By no means am I saying these exact pairs are my must haves. Consider them guidelines to having the perfect group of versatile footwear for every outfit or occasion. I wear boots for as long as I possibly can. I dress them up - I dress them down. I like to keep all my bases covered.


A fringe bootie - maybe this is just a personal preference, but I can't live without a good pair of these bad boys. They look great with jeans, and are really my go to - dressed down (but can still be appropriate for a night out) pair of shoes. When I am shopping for this type of shoe it is all about the color. The leather needs to be that perfect, light color of camel so that they can be worn with outfits that are mostly black or brown. I am partial to booties because I find them so comfortable. The fringe just adds a little bit of flare - and women, we need that!

(These fringed goddesses are style Countryy by Steve Madden - $149.95)

BootsPost9    BootsPost7    BootsPost8

BootsPost11    BootsPost10     BootsPost12

I also like to keep a pair of sleek booties in both normal, neutral colors in my arsenal. I consider these my power boots. I work in them. I play in them. They look great with jeans or a dress. They may not have the flare of the fringe, but they have something that the fringe doesn't - they almost look imposing. Like I said, power boots. A seriously good pair leather stompers that you can take on the world in.

(These black bombshells are style Kenner by Sam Edelman - $180)

(The lovely tan pair are also by Sam Edelman, style Fairfield - $160)

BootsPost2    BootsPost3     BootsPost1

My last must have boot style is a given. Riding boots. You simply can't do winter without them. Personally, I wear them in the fall with over-the-knee socks and skirts or dresses. Just like the fringe booties - they need to be just the right color. It is also important, in my opinion, that you consider how much heel you want on your riding boots when shopping. Anything with more than around two inches of heel I would no longer consider to be a classic riding boot. However, I like to opt for a little bit of heel as opposed to a totally flat boot (goodness know I need help with my height situation). The boots shown above have a 2.2 inch heel, which I consider to be a height that is still comfortable while also providing you with all the benefits of a heel. Also - keep them sleek and classic. If you invest in a good pair they will last you a lifetime.

(These perfect riding boots are style Fulton by Tory Burch - $495)

There you have it.

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