I have searched high and low for a scarf like you so,

one that tickles my cheeks, keeps me warm from the snow. 

One that's laden with plaid, never lets me be sad.

You're my new favorite scarf, 

this I know.


Oh, the blanket scarf. If you haven't added one to your closet yet, you better get on it. They are becoming nearly extinct. Truth be told, after searching for one for months, I stripped this one from a poor mannequin in an Old Navy.


I don't leave the house without my Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.


Wearing - cozy blanket scarf from Old Navy, midi length dress from Luxe Boutique, belt by J. Crew, cardigan from Walmart (I know, right?), boots by Nine West.


Some of the usual suspects - dainty cuffs from Bauble Bar and C. Wonder, leather studded cuff also from C.Wonder, beaded bracelet from my own handmade collection, and gold link bracelet from J.Crew.



"Let the wild rumpus start!"

- Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

Chattanooga's artists are everywhere. They are hidden in alleyways scribbling with chalk, and cradled on metal doors lost in spray paint and stencils. Mine is truly one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Consider me biased if you will, but it is not just the river and the bridges that make Chattanooga beautiful. It is the people and the things they create to share with each other.


Until we eat again - Jodi 

"The Fashionable Foodie"

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The way I do school spirit.

A new do.