Lets talk about biscuits.

If you are a living, breathing human being who enjoys the real pleasures in life then I don't believe that it takes much to persuade you to eat a good biscuit. This opinion is only my own, of course, but really - you just can't beat it.

Top it off with sweet and savory bites like goat cheese and homemade apple butter and it becomes much more than your average breakfast food. It becomes a total taste experience happening in your very own mouth.

That happened to me yesterday at the new location of Maple Street Biscuit Company on Broad Street in Chattanooga.

Maple Street Biscuit Company is a small chain (four locations) of delightful eateries dishing out menu items that are focused on something I consider to be a Southern food staple - the biscuit. The menu stretches to cover taste profiles that are far more intriguing than I expected from a biscuit joint - and seriously, one biscuit is ENOUGH. I was SO full (and happy).

photo 1

My dining companion and I ordered one biscuit sandwich each. Our choices included "The Loaded Goat" and "The Farmer."

photo 5

"The Loaded Goat" is comprised of a flaky biscuit, an all natural fried chicken breast and a fried goat cheese medallion. While ordering, I knew this might not be my most healthy meal selection ever (the word FRIED usually makes me cringe) but - when in Rome. In truth, the chicken was very lightly breaded, which I found pleasant, and did not over shadow the flavor of the chicken itself. I was most pleasantly surprised by the way the goat cheese was prepared. While the goat cheese was 'fried', the breading was used more as an outer glue to hold the cheese together and make it fit nicely on the biscuit as opposed to enhancing the flavor. I hardly noticed it was there. Goat cheese stands alone just fine, it does not need the help of breading and the creators of this medallion clearly realize that. I was very happy with my selection.

photo 7

(Look at all that goat cheese! Hello delicious!)

photo 6

"The Farmer" is a hefty stack created with the same flaky biscuit as mentioned above and is topped with an all natural fried chicken breast, pecan wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and house made apple butter. The portion of apple butter was so generous that I managed to steal some for myself to add to my Loaded Goat. I would seriously recommend this! Next time that I visit Maple Street, I will get some apple butter to add to my biscuit (no matter what I order). The butter was divine and fresh tasting.

It was a delightful meal at Maple Street!

To check out the full menu and see if there is a location near you visit maplestreetbiscuits.com

Until we eat again - Jodi 

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