Lox de Quesadilla.

What's it like cooking in my kitchen?

Sometimes, it is filled with friends and red wine - sometimes the only friend invited is Frank Sinatra - and of course there is still red wine.

Tonight was a Frank Sinatra kind of night.

One of the best things about the recipe? It is SUPER easy to cook for one!

But, most of the cooking happens inside my head before it ever happens in the kitchen of my studio apartment. I may not be the queen of creating complicated recipes, but I consider myself a professional when it comes to flavor palettes and using them in new and creative ways.

My Lox de Quesadilla creation is a great example of that.

If you like bagel and lox (which I adore!), then you will love my kicked up version presented with a Mexican twist.

Here's what you need:

extra large corn tortillas


ripe Roma tomatoes

cream cheese

mozzarella cheese


fresh lox trimmings

olive oil


Start by dicing your Romas. I like them chopped in tiny squares, that way you can thinly spread them inside your quesadilla and make every bite perfect.


Next, cut and core your avocado.

Time to build your quesadilla.


Spread a THIN layer of cream cheese over half of your tortilla. If you overdo the cream cheese, it will over power the rest of the flavors and make a runny mess. Add a layer of spinach, sprinkle your tomatoes and a small amount of mozzarella. Then, lay a generous helping of lox on top.


Add just a bit more mozzarella. It acts like glue and keeps everything together.

Cook in a frying pan with a little olive oil until golden brown!

I chose to serve the avocado along side the quesadilla. In my opinion, avocados fair better when they aren't cooked.

DSCN0047 DSCN0044


Until we eat again - JodiΒ 

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