Flowers in the rain.


It has been dreary for days.

I literally squeal when the sun peaks out from behind the clouds.

I am so over it.

Enter today's outfit.


Wearing - Light blue sweater from Banana Republic, denim from Forever 21, scarf by Lilly Pulitzer, shoes from Goody 2 Shoes, earrings by Bauble Bar, arm party by J. Crew, lip color by YSL.






Before I go - let's talk about C. Wonder clutches. I ADORE THEM.Β They are just the right size. Not so big that they are unpleasant to carry. Not too small so that you can't fit anything more in them than a tube of lipstick. I mean, what about my lip LINER, and my cell phone? Where do these women with tiny clutches keep their keys?

And don't say in their cleavage, because that simply is not an option for me.

They are also very reasonably priced.

The clutches... not cleavage.

Until we eat again - Jodi

"The Fashionable Foodie"

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You're such a gem.

Lox de Quesadilla.