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Food is one of life's great joys.

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This collection of food moments is basically a tour of Tennessee - except Memphis - I pretty much hate Memphis.


Yosemite Salmon Cakes from The Terminal - Chattanooga, TN

So. Freaking. Good. This is my go to any time I visit The Terminal, which is more often than not. These cakes are packed with salmon, jalapeño, cilantro, and onion then topped with a BBQ aioli. I like to order them with the seasonal steamed veggies. They are usually cooked to perfection.


The Mushroom Melt with chicken from Urban Stack - Chattanooga, TN

If you didn't already know, I don't eat beef. However, Urban Stack makes all of their classics available with chicken as opposed to a beef patty. The Mushroom Melt is my personal fave. I DIE for mushrooms. No other fungus ever tasted so good, (not that I have ever eaten another fungus...) but I digress. This massive sandwich features sautéed mushrooms, house sauce, oven-dried tomatoes, provolone cheese, and a marsala reduction sauce. Be careful - this guy is messy - I eat it with a fork and knife. Did I forget to mention the sweet potato fries and house-made pickles? So good.


The Shrimp BLT from The Southern - Nashville, TN

If you want to talk about a good sandwich, let's talk about this one. Covered in shrimp, which I chose to have grilled as opposed to fried, this guy is packed with flavor from the jalapeño bacon to the low county mayo it really can't be missed.


Bananas Foster Bread Pudding from The Southern - Nashville, TN

I don't often order desert after having a full meal, sweets to me are more of a mid-day treat. However, if you throw something at me like Bananas Foster Bread Pudding I have to give it a try. It was worth every calorie. I consider this bread pudding to be the perfect texture, though some may disagree. Also, the whipped cream is homemade and so divine.


Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup The Plaid Apron - Knoxville, TN

This is not your normal grilled cheese and soup combo. The sandwich, which is made with goat cheese, SWV buttermilk cheddar, roasted apples, balsamic onion jam and sprouts (I left out the sprouts, the are nasty. I don't know how you people do it.) on herbed focaccia. The soup is killer as well and the two go hand in hand like a drag queen and a fresh tube of lip stick.


Crab Cakes Benedict from Latitude 35 - Knoxville, TN

A new take on a classic brunch item, this dish is pretty good. Poached eggs over two crab cakes with a special salsa that adds a bit of a kick. As you see below, I prefer to get my eggs scrambled. I can not tell a lie though, this dish was not my favorite.


See... scrambled.


Alligator Po'Boy from Not Watson's - Knoxville, TN

Shut. Up. I LOVE gator meat. Love it. Did I mention I LOVE gator meat? Because I do. This is your classic po'boy sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and spicy remoulade. The gator meat was well breaded and I enjoyed every bite! The fries weren't bad either!


Longhorn Quesadilla from Poblano's - Chattanooga, TN

This is my kind of Mexican food. So fresh. So flavorful. Filled with grilled chicken, queso, black beans, corn and served with avocado and sour cream it doesn't get much better. I also don't get the usual, yucky "I just ate Mexican food" feeling after having this dish. It is really so delish.


 Chicken and Chutney Flatbread from The Pub - Nashville, TN

One of the best flatbreads I have ever had. Topped with grilled chicken, cranberry-apple chutney, blue cheese (I asked for goat cheese instead.) mozzarella, provolone, and a balsamic sauce this pie is not short on flavor. I would TOTALLY order it again.


Spinach Flatbread from The Pub - Nashville, TN

Also delicious! Covered in fresh spinach, garlic infused herb oil, tomatoes, goat cheese and the same balsamic sauce as mentioned before, both of these flat breads are seriously good.


Crab Cake Sandwich from BraiZ Bistro and Brewhouse - Mount Juliet, TN

A good crab cake sandwich. I have to say good, because I have had some really GREAT crab cake sandwiches. However, I still enjoyed this one. Made with jumbo lump crab meat and sautéed veggies on a pretzel roll with remoulade sauce and habanero slaw. The fries didn't suck either.


Chickpea Sliders from Beast & Barrel - Chattanooga, TN

Repeat after me, these babies cost THREE DOLLARS. That's right, only $3. I have made a habit of giving the daily bar snack a try during happy hour at B&B. They are always delicious. This is one of my personal favorites. Chickpea sliders with dill sauce and house-man pickle. I await the day they return.

There you have it!

Until we eat again - Jodi 

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