A baby post about a party.

Bar carts are a thing of wonderment.

Really, I am pretty obsessed with mine.

I just wanted to share a few photos from my "Gal"entine's Day party last night!

There were decorations, cocktails and some fun foodie moments someone might potentially find interesting other than me (here's hoping).

So here goes!


I love festivity and themes! For my party to celebrate all of my wonderful girl friends I wanted everything to be pretty and pink (and gold) of course! The amazing tassel banner is from Target. You can find them there in the color scheme I chose or in black and gold (similar here). The light pink striped banner is also from Target. I used a gold paint marker to write the name of my celebration on it!

I get a lot of my bar cart accessories from TJ Maxx. It is a great place to look for trinkets, books and anything else you may need.

IMG_8884 IMG_8883 IMG_8880

My inventive foodie moment of the evening came from a little Sex and the City inspiration.

"I was beginning to float away on a sea of sweet potato puffs with smoked salmon and sour cream..."

Sorry Carrie, I swapped the sour cream for some cream cheese.

These little bites are so easy and delicious! I used the sweet potato tater tots from Whole Foods, put a little cream cheese on them, then wrapped them in smoked salmon. Put a tooth pick through them to hold and HELLO! Delicious.


I also love a good Cosmo (of course).

I used some silicon molds to create these heart-shaped ice cubes!




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