Things that give you comfort.

There are just some things that give you comfort.

I have several, and a great group of them are included today. Hats. Man, I love hats. Good music, coffee, my city. Gentle sunshine. A nice breeze. Walks with no real destination. Soft shirts that don't squeeze my under arms. Bare feet. The presence of my friends and family.

These overalls.

Really. These overalls.

My slouchy summer uniform. These babies, a comfy shirt and, most likely, a hat of some sort.

My overalls belonged to my grandfather before they belonged to me. Obviously, I cut them off. They are one of my favorite possessions.


Wearing - my Paw's overalls, white vintage cut t-shirt from Old Navy, white sandals, black and tan felt hat by The Hatter Company via Luxe Boutique (similar here), Clubmaster sunglassesΒ by Ray-Ban, dainty necklaces by Baublebar and Etsy, boho chic beaded bracelets by me (contact me to order)

EXTRA: Want some overalls like my comfy comrades? Visit your local Goodwill. Raid a family member's closet. You never know what you will find. Just make sure you don't cut them too short!







A local tip? My favorite Chattanooga coffee spot is Chattz.


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All black earrthang.