Let's be honest.

On this, the Monday after my favorite holiday - a.k.a. Bonnaroo - I want to have an honest talk about festival fashion.

I love bohemian style. It is absolutely my favorite. However, if you have never been to a festival before, prancing about in wedges and an $800 heavily beaded dress is not a realistic expectation. It simply is not.

Festival season happens predominantly in the summer months, which means it is hot. In the case of Manchester, TN that means it is VERY hot. Temperatures during Bonnaroo in particular are usually in the 90's. That is too hot for your pretty dress and perfectly curled hair. Too, too hot.

Footwear is also a major thing to consider. Comfort is key. Attending a music festival means being on your feet for hours walking and standing at shows. Also, by the second or third day, the mud appears and you have a whole different issue to conquer.

So, let's be realistic. What am I actually wearing?

First of all, I do a lot of DIY when it comes to getting my festival fashion on.

So, put your embellished maxi dress back in your closet and get our your scissors.

DSCN3765Wearing - DIY halter top made from a t-shirt, printed shorts by Angie via T.J. Maxx, combat boots by Steve Madden with Dr. Scholls inserts, black hat from Urban Outfitters, Clubmaster sunglasses by Ray-Ban, gold necklace, handmade beaded bracelets (contact me to order), Lilly and Laura bracelets, wristbands from Bonnaroos past

EXTRA: I discovered this t-shirt halter top trick last year and I will never go back. It is very simple to do (basically, cut your t-shirt all to pieces and tie it together). It is so cool in the heat and keeps to from getting insane tan lines. It's also cheap! Because, let's be honest, you are going to be DIRTY after a long day and you don't want to ruin your favorite cutesy crop top.

DSCN3758DSCN3740DSCN3782Wearing - DIY cutoff overalls from my grandfather's closet, black crop top via Forever 21, Chaco sandals, plaid headband by Urban Outfitters (similar here), black round sunnies from Forever 21, Camelbak backpack

*accessories same as above

EXTRA: Let's talk essentials. A good pair of Chacos and a Camelbak. Unless the mud gets too deep, Chacos are pretty perfect festival footwear. Wearing a Camelbak prevents you from having to tote around a water bottle all day and allows you to carry more liquid than a simple water bottle. I also use mine as my 'purse.'

DSCN3770DSCN3783DSCN3844Wearing - DIY black crop top, printed shorts from Target, black sunnies via Urban Outfitters, high-top sneakers by Nike

*accessories perviously stated

Whattttttt? Did you actually wear those high tops? Yes. Why, yes I did. And - they were amazing. My feet stayed clean and I got some much needed ankle support for all the jumping I was doing. They were an amazing choice.

DSCN3800DSCN3828In a field of daisies dancing my hippie dance.

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This probably isn't supposed to be my color.

Easy florals.