Celebrating One Year!

The Fashionable Foodie is one-year-old!

So, of course, I threw myself a champagne party.

My first year blogging has been filled with learning experiences. I won’t lie to you and say that all of them have been good, but I will tell you that all of them have taught me truly valuable lessons. I am so grateful for all of the experiences that this blog has brought me thus far, and I so look forward to everything else that will come my way in the years to come.

DSCN3907So, what's next for the blog?

First, I have spent hours choosing photos that make me look as thin as possible. Is this my best possible skinny arm? Have I hidden my curvy lower half? I simply wanted to appear as twiggy as the girls I modeled my blog after. The truth is – pardon my French – I am not a twig bitch. I am a small girl, with a curvy behind that I am tired of being ashamed of. In this image obsessed world, you have to love yourself. I have decided to do a better job of that, and I hope to encourage other girls to do the same. I am a fan of health and fitness, but we aren’t all built to be Victoria’s Secret Angels or Taylor Swift types. I am tired of feeling like there is something wrong with me when I try to buy jeans. We are all wonderfully and beautifully made. Let’s remember that. I am going to try to as I write about my sense of style in the future.

Next, MORE FOOD! I eat. Man, do I eat. I think food is one of life’s greatest joys. Seriously. I am going to try and share weekly recipes with you guys. You can still find my foodie pics via the food tab, but I want to share more creations that you can recreate. Maybe a few vlogs are in my future. We will see!

Continued, let’s be real. I am a 24-year-old girl, working her way through the world. I am on a budget. If you look to bloggers to tease your eyes with an endless supply of pricy handbags and designer frocks, then I am obviously not your girl – no matter how much I would like to be. For the most part, my style is practical and reasonably priced. Let’s talk about looks that everyone can afford and replicate.

Also, I want to share more of my voice with you all. Like I said, I am not like all the girls I follow on Instagram. I have decided to stop trying to be. I am loud. Sometimes I say words I shouldn’t. I have a few tattoos. My style is very sporadic and inspired by so many different themes and genres. I want to let you guys in. I am certainly an acquired taste. So, here goes nothing.

DSCN3933Wearing - printed frock from Target, nude sandals via Belk (similar here), earrings by Perry Street via Rocksbox, Clubmaster sunglasses by Ray-Ban, handmade beaded bracelets (contact me to order), gifted black Bali freshwater pearl bracelet from a special friend, stacking rings by Homegrown Silver and Stone

Want to try Rocksbox for FREE? Use my code jodilxoxo at checkout!

All the goodies are from Whole Foods, one of my favorite stops for sweets!



DSCN3978 DSCN3967


DSCN3969Before I sign off, I want to say a quick THANKS to all the awesome people who have helped me get through my first year by taking photos of my crazy self. First, my wonderful Mother and of course my great friends Nicole, Allyson, Micky, Westlee and Will.

Thanks for putting up with me! You're the cat's meow.

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