More than fabric.

When you feel really good in a dress, it's more than a piece of fabric you use to cover your body. It becomes a source of confidence. A staple in your closet. Something you know, that when you throw it on, it will make you feel beautiful.

Last weekend at Chattanooga Fashion Week, I had the privilege of being dressed by the fab'rik team who will open a new boutique in my beautiful city of Chattanooga. The experience I described above is the type of feeling I got while wearing my fab'rik garments.

I can't wait to be able to stop in and shop!

IMG_0915On a normal day, I would have never had the guts to pick up this dress.

I tend to stay away from form fitting frocks. Having a small waist accompanied by a curvy frame can make getting dressed difficult. I am not a stick, but I am not full-figured. Often, that makes me feel that I can't rock a form fitted look. However, this dress is the exception to my rule.

Thanks to the fab'rik team, I went outside my comfort zone, and found one of those pieces that I will throw on every time I want to feel really great. The fit of this dress is impeccable. I was truly impressed.

Not to mention these daring slits up the sides. I love a classic look with a bit of a dangerous surprise.

So, Chattanooga girls, who else is excited to be able to skip down the block to the new fab'rik boutique and pick up something amazing? The boutique is coming soon - and I will have all the updates right here! Not to mention a few surprises for my readers!

Did I mention that you can shop for a cause? Check out this info on free fab'rik - the brand's not for profit mission to help restore dignity and confidence to young ladies who have lost theirs!

I love a good cause - especially when I can support it by filling my closet.

IMG_0920Wearing - wine sleeveless  dress with turtleneck by fab'rik, black lace-up pumps by BCBG (similar), handmade earrings and bracelet (contact me to order), stacking rings by Homegrown Sliver and Stone 

Can't wait for fab'rik to open up a new store in Chattanooga? Me either! Find this awesome dress there - and check back here for fun updates and deals as the grand opening draws near!

IMG_0911IMG_0903IMG_0912IMG_0886Anxiously awaiting my first fab'rik shopping spree!

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fab'rik fringe.

Are you as excited as I am???