French toast with a twist.

I consider myself a mad scientist in the kitchen.

I may have said that before.

I far prefer to experiment with flavors, and put my own twist on recipes as opposed to playing by the rules.

That, my friends, is how I created this easy twist on classic french toast.


What makes this french toast so special?

How well do you pick up on context clues? Personally, I am fond of them.

Consider the glass of chocolate milk to be a little hint.

That's right.

Chocolate Milk French Toast


So, here's that deal. I am not much for measurements. Therefore, I will explain everything as thoroughly as possible, sans actual amounts.

What you need:

White Bread




Chocolate Milk (whole)




Let's begin.

Using 4 eggs, I was able to make 6 pieces of french toast. To the eggs, I added the chocolate milk, about a cup - perhaps a little less. After throughly beating the eggs, I added some of the cinnamon and sugar to the egg mixture. I like too mix the cinnamon and sugar together first, in a separate container. To me, the perfect balance is a little more sugar than cinnamon, but still has a night light brown color. Beat the mixture throughly.

While you are prepping your mixture, allow your pan to heat up. I suggest allowing the pan to reach full heat on a low medium setting. I put my stove top between 3 and 4, if that helps you to choose a temperature for your own stove. Grease the pan with non-stick spray or butter right before beginning to cook your toast.

Dunk both sides of each slice of bread into the egg mixture, coating throughly. Cook until each side reaches a lovely golden brown. Top with berries, as I have, or - syrup, honey, powdered sugar, chocolate chips (for an extra, sweet kick), there are so many options to switch this easy meal up!

The addition of the chocolate milk gives this french toast the lightest chocolate flavor, not too overwhelming. The fresh berries add a great balance of natural sweetness. For me, very little syrup was required.


Whipping this up again, immediately.

The FF Sig
The FF Sig

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