Seasonal and sweet.

Everyone loves a good mimosa.

If you're thinking to yourself - "No, I don't." My answer to you is, you're wrong, you're weird; go home.

Insert sweet smiling face here.

I digress. Sipping mimosas on the holidays is pretty much a staple of my family gatherings. The bottles just keep popping as we enjoy one another's company, play games and eat entirely too much food.

This Thanksgiving season, we enjoyed a new twist on the usual favorite.

That's right.

Apple Cider Mimosas

IMG_1690So, I am not going to make this seem more complicated than it really is.

Here are the things you need:

Champagne - Honestly, the cheap stuff will do.

Apple Cider - Any brand you prefer. I like something a little less sweet than most.



Fresh Apples - For a bit of fun garnish!

I also recommend actually using champagne flutes for this cocktail. I feel so classy when I sip from one. Oh la la.

IMG_1693Start by mixing together a bit of the cinnamon and sugar into a sugar-heavy mixture. Just a little bit will do. This is for dipping the rim of the glass in. Yum.

Never dipped the rim of a glass before? I actually hadn't either. I used 2 Solo cups to hold my mixture and just the smallest amount of water.

First, dip in the water. Then, dip in the mixture. Very simple, my dear.

Mix your drink in the flute. Pour the champagne first. In my opinion, the perfect mimosa is about 3/4 bubbly and 1/4 apple cider.

Cut your apple into nice thin slices. Before you go trying to shove the apple slice down on the rim of the glass like it's some basic lemon or lime - don't.Use your knife to make an angled slot that your glass will fit into nicely.

Now, enjoy!

Told you that was simple.

IMG_1701Happy Holiday season to all you boozers out there!

Kiss. Kiss.

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