A paisley dress.

Chattanooga is one of those places that is so beautiful you can't look from one place to the next without being delighted by what you see. 

If you can't tell, it's apparent I love this city. While I write this post, I am sitting in The Nail Bar with a huge group of girlfriends getting my nails done, sipping champagne. While this is absolutely a possibility in every large to mid-size city in America, it simply wouldn't be the same. The sun is shining here, and we walked from a delicious (affordable) brunch over to the nail spot - it was a 3 minute walk. The side street this spa sits on is busy, and I can feel the perfectly crisp day by just looking through the windows. Today is Chattanooga at its finest.  

There are days meant for comfort, and there are days ment to be dressed to the nines. The day for this paisley dress is neither of those. It is unique, but doesn't scream chic. It is comfortable, but not like a pair of yoga pants. This dress, and many other shirt dresses for that matter, are perfect for strolling around, stopping at shops and eating so much food that otherwise the waist of your jeans might buldge. Everyone needs a dress like this. 

Days where the temperature isn't too high, but a coat isn't required are my favorites. When you only need a light sleeve - I am in heaven. Throw on some tights, and you are happy to spend the day out and about.  

What do you wear on a day out in the city?  

Wearing - paisley print dress via H&M, black tights by HUE, camel leather riding boots by Sam Edelman, black leather bag by Kate Spade, suede statement necklace via Backstreet Betty's, handmade boho beaded bracelets

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Dutch baby.

Dutch baby.