Weekly Obsessions | Warby, Drake & Sophia

Weekly Obsessions | Warby, Drake & Sophia

If an obsession is a thought that frequently intrudes someone’s mind, then I gain and lose obsessions regularly. It is common for the idea of something to grow on me until I simply must make it happen. In fact, it can be almost impossible for me to move on from something until I have found a way to gain knowledge about it, add it to my closet, or incorporate it into my life in some way. 

I am a constantly changing person in so many ways. My inspirations are so varied. I once described my personal style as “hodgepodge” to Chatter Magazine when asked if I could define it. I am bohemian, retro and classic. I am bold and colorful. Covered in patterns, yet often found in all black. 

This aspect of my personality and personal aesthetic blankets all areas of my life. My taste in books, music and food are all different pieces of a puzzle that come together to make nothing more than an abstract combination of a thousand different things. 

I want to find a way to share these fleeting, yet impactful things with all of you. I mean, I think the stuff that I am into is pretty cool… I should after all, shouldn’t it? 

So, now enjoy the first installment of a post I hope to share frequently about the things I am interested in right now. The things I have tried, and loved. The things I think other people should be trying and loving. 

post scriptum...

Please share your current obsessions with me! I love to hear about what other people are getting into… in fact, if I wasn’t constantly listening to friends and influencers alike, I wouldn’t be into half the things I am loving right now! 

The neck scarf...

My first job was at a boutique in the small town where I grew up selling clothing and prom dresses. The clothing was geared towards women who had reached an age of wisdom, rather than being trendy, and often included classic pieces paired with bold accessories. I remember there being a rack of square silk scarves near the register that I would often try on when business was slow. I loved these scarves then, and the attraction to the look never faded. 

However, it wasn’t until a few months ago when I realized styling a scarf like this could become edgy that I started wrapping my neck in my collection again. I always knew that a lovely scarf around my neck made me feel worldly, but then I found blogger and scarf designer Alexandra Dieck of Lexicon of Style on Instagram, and she changed the way I feel about styling a neck scarf. I had to get back into the game. 

Flash forward a few months and Who What Wear is sending e-blasts about neck scarves being a fresh, hot trend. Urban Outfitters is carrying several styles, and this trend that started in 2015 has finally trickled down into the main stream - and I seriously can’t get enough. I probably won’t ever let it go again. 

Drake - Views

Photo: Pigeons and Planes 

Photo: Pigeons and Planes 

If you’re like me, and you’re terrible about checking the new music section of one of my favorite apps, then this little public service announcement is for you. 

Drake’s new album Views is now streaming on Spotify. 

If you didn’t hear what I just said DRAKE’S NEW ALDUM IS STREAMING ON SPOTIFY!!! 

I know I don’t need to say much about Drake. So, I will simply say that since I was informed that Views hit Spotify I haven’t listened to much of anything else, and it’s been at least a week. What would I do without Mr. K keeping me instantly updated on my listening options and nagging that I never update our shared playlist? I simply don’t know. 

I am also really into following @drakeoncake on Instagram. The account is run by the beloved @joythebaker and it is good for a few laughs. 

I am also really into following @drakeoncake on Instagram. The account is run by the beloved @joythebaker and it is good for a few laughs. 


My book club is reading it and I listen to it every day on my commute home from work. It’s #girlboss and if you aren’t following along with this fun and innovative brand that is empowering everyone, not only women, to follow their gut and go after what they then you need to start now. 

#girlboss is a book written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal and all around badass, that has turned into a weekly podcast series that actually inspires me to keep moving towards my goals even when I am tired and sometimes lose sight of the point of not conforming to the status quo. While I am still in the middle of reading the book, Sophia’s story is quirky and inspiring and I find myself turning the pages quickly. I also anticipate the release of the next installment of the podcast each week, where Sophia interviews women who have killed it in the business world and done it their way. There is seriously something to be learned from the content shared by this brand, and I don’t plan on missing out on any of it. 

Don't forget to follow @girlboss on Instagram to see more fun photos like the ones I shared above! 

Warby Parker frames...

If you’re blind like me, sometimes you may feel like your glasses are foe not friends. I have had some pretty cool frames over the years, but I have never been able to afford to have more than one pair at a time. Glasses would be so much more fun if they did more than just function. I want a fashion statement. 

Two weeks ago I stopped by the Warby Parker store in Atlanta at Westside Provisions. This online based optical company offers cool designer frames at an affordable price with all the bells and whistles (like scratch resistant and glare free lenses, all the exciting stuff) included. I received my new frame in the mail last week, and so far I am pretty pleased with them! The verdict isn’t totally out yet, I will need to wear them for a few more days before I can pass final judgement, but I am already shopping for my next pair. The reason? Warby Parker’s frames don’t break the bank, so I can choose to have as many statement making options as I like!

I think that just about wraps it up! Let me know what your current obsessions are! 

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