Bohemian Cowgirl | What I wore to a Dixie Chicks Themed Karaoke Party

Bohemian Cowgirl | What I wore to a Dixie Chicks Themed Karaoke Party


I'm in a field of wild flowers. There's a concert happening in the distance. The sun is setting. The band plays on. I'm free right now. I'm in my element. The tall grass brushes against my boots, but I don't mind. They keep my ankles from getting itchy. The warm light reflects in my glasses. Fringe dances across my chest. I'm alone. It's nice. 

When I get dressed, I let the outfit take me somewhere. This is how I have always been; a little theatrical. For me, nailing down my personal style has always been a little hard because I am so many things. I want to be so many things. I am not just one genre of style - preppy, bohemian, professional. I am a combination of many things. 


Outfit Details: floral maxi dress via Merch Northshore (similar, similar, similar), fringe choker via Buckle (similar), boots by Laredo (similar, similar), sunglasses by Sojos, gold Apple Watch sport with nylon band, cuff by BaubleBar (similar, similar)

There have always been things I don't like; things I shy away from. Sometimes, I think the things I don't wear define my personal style more than the things I do wear - and that's ok. It is wrong to think you have to be only one thing to have a strong sense of personal style. You don't. You can be the chameleon. You can be whatever you want.

Today, I wanted to be a bohemian cowgirl. 

A few weeks ago, a friend told me to get an outfit ready for a Dixie Chicks themed karaoke party. If I tried, in to this moment, to pretend I like the Dixie Chicks, or that I am familiar with country music at all, that would be a farce. Not everyone who is born and raised in the South enjoys songs about beer, boats and breakups. Some of us hate them. However, I do love a theme, and what I love most about a theme is doing it my way.   

If you have read much of my blog before this post, you know that I believe there is extreme beauty and satisfaction in the kind of juxtaposition that looks almost natural. The hard with the soft. The obviously beautiful with the dirty. When I think about the only kind of country music rockstar-esque persona that I have inside me, she is a bohemian cowgirl. She is a little edgy, but she floats like a feather. She wears boots, but only ones with character. She is fierce, with a bright smile. She doesn't sing about breakups, but instead of breaking hearts. Frankly, she doesn't give a damn. 


This is the fashion story I decided to tell the night of the party. On a normal day, I never reach for one of the pairs of cowboy boots I have sitting in the bottom of my closet. I keep these eccentric leather beauties around because they are little works of art, not because I love to style them up or down - but today was the perfect day. This was a moment for my feet to be covered in cowboy boots and for me to finally let the world know I have sick line dancing skills (I really do!).

Choosing the right frock was key, and this maxi with two generous slits gives my boots room to breath and be shown off. Giving one of my favorite easy-hippie-girl dresses a little edge was a challenge I met by adding a fringe necklace and a dark lip. Other everyday accessories and a bold mirrored pair of sunnies finish off the sixties vibe I was aiming for. 

I just love when an outfit comes together exactly how you imagined. 

Don't worry, I sang plenty of karaoke. (No Dixie Chicks, though.)

Do you love a good theme? Tell me your favorites in the comments below! 

A few things you may need to get this look yourself...

Outfit Details: floral maxi dress via Merch Northshore (similarsimilarsimilar), fringe choker via Buckle (similar), boots by Laredo (similarsimilar), sunglasses by Sojosgold Apple Watch sport with nylon band, cuff by BaubleBar (similarsimilar)


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