My 5 "Princess" Festival Bag Essentials

My 5 "Princess" Festival Bag Essentials

Fjallraven Kanken mini backpack covered in enamel pins. 

Hello, all! 

I'm heading down to Atlanta this weekend for Music Midtown - one of my favorite, low key "princess" festivals to attend. So, I thought I would let you in on my five bag essentials for the perfect Music Midtown experience!

My friends and I have been going to Midtown for the past couple of years, and we always have the BEST time. Music Midtown is seriously for EVERYONE. It's not like Bonnaroo, which I have attended many times, in the way that you need to car camp or worry about dehydration - or even worry about using icky portable toilets. Midtown is clean, the restrooms are very nice by festival standards, the weather is generally pleasant, and there is plenty of room to chill out on a blanket and listen to your favorite headliners if you don't feel like getting in the crowd. It's what I call a "princess festival." (Meaning - you get to shower every night, sleep in a bed, and the shows don't go until 4:00 in the morning.) I love a serious festival with all my heart, but I know they aren't for everyone, and a nice chill weekend of music is all good in my book as well. 

P.S. - If you haven't heard of Music Midtown, you can find out more about the festival here.

So, here are the details of what I will be carrying in my bag this weekend while I hippie dance to Milky Chance and sing all the Bruno Mars songs at the top of my lungs:

First, I want to start by talking about what type of bag I will be carrying this year. I have carried many types of bags to Midtown, and I am going full on mini backpack for the festival this year. I have a couple reasons why. 

  1. Being "hands-free" makes for much better dancing than having a crossbody slamming against your side while you try to do a little twerk. 
  2. The availability to carry a few extra things. 
  3. Evenly distributing the weight of my bag on my back helps prevent my back from hurting. 

I will be carrying a Fjallraven Kanken mini backpack this year. These packs come in about 1,000 colors, but I love neutrals, so I chose the mini backpack in the sand color. Then, of course, I covered the thing in enamel buttons, because I am me and that is what I do. 

PIN PRO TIP: If you want to wear your pins without worrying about losing them, give these locking pin backs a try. I am loving them. 

Now for what's in my bag...

1. Something to sit on, such as an old sheet, a pillow case, or an awesome folding blanket. 

Pocket Tarp $20

Blankets, like this pocket tarp, are perfect for music festivals. This one generously accommodates you, a couple of people and unfolds from the compact pouch to a large size sheet 6.25 x 4.16 feet. The best part? It only weights about 5 ounces. 

2. Snack or breakfast bars - duh. 

KIND Bars, $20 for 32

Festivals make you hungry. It is just a proven fact. Good granola bars are a good way to keep from prevent a run to an over priced food stand ever couple of hours. These KIND bars are my al time favorite. They have low sugar and a super filling (and tasty). 

3. Super refreshing facial spray. 

We often go out to bars after the festival ends and there isn't time to run back to the hotel and freshen up. I've been using this Mario Badescu facial spray over the past week or so whenever my face starts feeling yucky. It is super refreshing, and I will def be carrying it in my bag for those moments when I'm feeling a little blah. 

4. A flask...

Yes. I will likely have a flask in my bag. I am not going to elaborate on this. You know what it's for. 

This one from Shopbop is very cute, if you're looking. 

5. Finally, a printed out version of the festival schedule! 

Not having a printed or written version of the show schedule is a total rookie mistake. Cell service and data reception get SUPER limited once inside the festival, and while mobile apps are great, sometimes you just need good old fashioned paper. 

You can download the schedule for Music Midtown 2017 here!

Hope to see you all there!

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