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Let's talk sushi | Totto Sushi & Grill

Picture it. A dimly lit room with a long bar lining the right wall. The glass is filled with colorful, fresh fish. Behind the bar, focused chefs in black coats and hats roll intricate combinations into cylindrical packages of rice and seaweed. Odd as it may sound, if you listen closely, 90s era R&B is likely piping through the air. Staff clad in black lead you to your seat. The room is dark. The tables are dark. The food is bright - delightful contrast. 

Il Primo | More than just good noodles.

I am not new to dining at Il Primo. It is likely my favorite spot for a date, and is a great place to grab a meal and a cheap bottle of wine with your girlfriends when you need to escape the everyday hustle of life on a Wednesday night. The food is Italian, but so much more than the bowl filled with noodles that image may bring to mind. In fact, though everything on the menu containing noodles is magical, I rarely order a pasta dish when I visit. 

Seriously Good: Tremont Tavern's The Isabella

Nestled along Hixon Pike is North Chattanooga's Tremont Tavern. A cool, local spot with a reputation for one of the best burgers in town. If you're not of the red meat eating variety, like myself, you may have worked your way around the menu and had some pretty good food - but, I will not be working my way around the menu any longer. Today I tried The Isabella - a grilled wrap with some seriously good stuff rolled up inside. 

On a Saturday afternoon not so long ago, Jane Biscarini asked me to join her for a walking tour of Chattanooga's Southside food scene. Jane hosts a tour of the emerging trendy spots in the hip neighborhood called Eat. Sip. Walk, featuring local businesses, food and drink.