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Palms & patchwork.

So I've been watching a lot of Arrested Development lately. This skirt gives me serious Lindsay Bluth vibes, and I've decided I'm ok with that - at least for now. I'm only watching season one...

Summer Tomato Tarts

I made these colorful summer tomato tarts using some of my favorite flavors: ripe tomato, feta cheese, and fresh basil. These pastries are light yet filling, fluffy while crispy, and suuuuuuper colorful on your table. They are totally headache free. You can even finish putting your makeup on while they get all toasty in the oven. 

Creamy Avocado and Lemon Pasta

During the week, when I get home from work, I need meals that are made out of the stuff I always have in my fridge or pantry. For me, that "stuff" is usually a couple of avocados, some lemons, and several half-empty boxes of pasta. Seriously, my pantry is mostly pasta. Isn't yours? 

Silk bomber jackets are life.

Packing for me is so hard. I think about it so far in advance, but I can never act on choosing an outfit or make any actual decisions. You know, decisions. Those tricky things everyone hates making. I'm one of those people too. Where do you want to eat? I don't know. 

Anyway. I'm getting ready to head up to New York with some of my girlfriends, and I honestly have no clue what to pack - such is life. I've been trying really hard lately to add things to my closet that I ALWAYS want to wear, but let's be honest - I can't see the future. 

What I'm wearing this week. | Embroidered loafers and boyfriend jeans.

I love when a practical shoe comes in fashion. Gucci's current collection of Princetown loafers has fashion girls everywhere slipping into something more comfortable and has those of us who aren't down to spend more than $500 on a pair of shoes (or on just about anything, really) searching for our favorite dupes. Of all the slip-on loafers hitting the pavement right now, I have particular love for the ones with a bit of embroidery.

What I'm wearing this week. | Neutral colors and basic layers.

There is something so amazing about the perfect winter coat. Honestly, I feel instantly more "high class" once I slip into a good one. Once the weather started turning cold, I picked up this camel-colored overcoat at an Old Navy. Yes. I did just say Old Navy. Believe it or not, this isn't the first coat I have purchased from the Ole' N. It is an awesome wool blend, and just the right amount of warm. I find "looks for less" there all the time.