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Blue Velvet

Lana once wrote a song about a girl who wore blue velvet. She croons on about the velvet that was bluer than the night and the girl's eyes, which were also bluer than the velvet she wore. I've always loved the song. Call it self-indulgence, but I connected to it. To me, the song was about me. 

Palms & patchwork.

So I've been watching a lot of Arrested Development lately. This skirt gives me serious Lindsay Bluth vibes, and I've decided I'm ok with that - at least for now. I'm only watching season one...

Lace + Embroidery. Forever. For always.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have talked a lot about only buying items for my closet that I will always love - or at least that I can always see myself loving. Tops and skirts like this fall into that category. I like what I like. If a bell sleeve is on every shelf or not, the look will always have a place in my heart (many people probably already know that). This handbag is the same. IRL, I carry this bag EVERY DAY.

Brooches forever.

I know what you're thinking. "My grandmother wears brooches." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Honestly, during the advent of embellishments, embroidery, and patches it seems like a natural time to appreciate what a nice little collection of brooches can bring to the table. Whether they're vintage or not, sometimes a little extra glitz is exactly what an outfit needs. Full disclosure: these brooches are from my local craft store, but every time I wear them I get SO many compliments. You'd never know they cost less than $10 collectively. I love a look for less.  

What I'm wearing this week. | Denim skirts and dainty scarves.

When small square neck scarves started popping up in the accessories section on some of my favorite brand's websites I was super excited. I have always LOVED wearing a neck scarf. It nods back to a different era, one that I am a big fan of, and adds a little personality to an outfit. I am also a huge fan of a higher neckline, and adding a scarf to a blouse or dress where the neckline is lower gives me that same flattering effect.

What I'm wearing this week. | Embroidered loafers and boyfriend jeans.

I love when a practical shoe comes in fashion. Gucci's current collection of Princetown loafers has fashion girls everywhere slipping into something more comfortable and has those of us who aren't down to spend more than $500 on a pair of shoes (or on just about anything, really) searching for our favorite dupes. Of all the slip-on loafers hitting the pavement right now, I have particular love for the ones with a bit of embroidery.

What I'm wearing this week. | Neutral colors and basic layers.

There is something so amazing about the perfect winter coat. Honestly, I feel instantly more "high class" once I slip into a good one. Once the weather started turning cold, I picked up this camel-colored overcoat at an Old Navy. Yes. I did just say Old Navy. Believe it or not, this isn't the first coat I have purchased from the Ole' N. It is an awesome wool blend, and just the right amount of warm. I find "looks for less" there all the time. 

What I'm wearing this week. | Velvet dresses and cozy tights.

I am all in on this velvet trend. When choosing holiday looks, and even my New Year's Even outfit, I decided to go with fun velvet dresses over sequins or sparkle. I love how the fabric hangs, and how luxurious it can look when styled properly. I have been hunting for really good velvet pieces since the weather turned cold, and I have added some serious texture to my closet over the past few months...

Bell sleeves & leather | My favorite things for fall.

Lately, I have been focusing on finding blouses I really love. I used to loath wearing pants (of any kind, really), and because of this I rarely bought tops. Over the last year, I have found myself becoming a girl who loves a good pair of jeans, and now I reach for my favorite pair far more often than I do my old favorite dresses.

Indian summer | flirty dresses & tall boots.

This weather does, however, give me the opportunity to wear some outfit combinations I never thought possible in Chattanooga's climate. A leather riding boot with a little sundress would normally be out of the question. It usually falls from very hot to very cold very quickly. Now, the red mercury sits stagnant in the 80s and I frequently have no idea what to wear.