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Toasted Chicken Parmesan Wraps

Although a toasted flour tortilla filled with melted cheese, shredded chicken and tomato sauce may not be the most photogenic dish I have ever cooked, it is one of the most simple and satisfying dishes to ever come out of my kitchen. These wraps are good. Damn good. They require very little effort, and will make the most out of your meal on the go or turn your quickie lunch break into a delight. 

Simple Smoked Salmon Pastries.

I have declared my love for smoked salmon time and time again, but something I often forget the importance of is the ability to create a quick and easy appetizer that will still impress your friends. So, I took to the kitchen to use a combination of crowd-pleasing flavors like smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers along with previously frozen puff pastry to whip up a killer hostess snack that can slay without causing stress sweat. The final product? A simple smoked salmon pastry roll that is packed with flavor and no hassle.   

Mediterranean Fusilli Salad

I love a nice light pasta salad. If it is covered in dressing, or tastes mostly of mayo I am out. I do not want that in my mouth. This pasta salad features all of my favorite Mediterranean flavors, without requiring any fatty or heavy sauces. It is fresh and as light as pasta salad can be.

Cheddar & chorizo pierogi.

If you’ve never had a pierogi, or if you don’t know what one is, the time to taste and try is now. Pierogi are filled dumplings of Eastern European origin with an indulgent potato filling. They are comforting, warm and will surely fill your stomach.

Seriously Good: Tremont Tavern's The Isabella

Nestled along Hixon Pike is North Chattanooga's Tremont Tavern. A cool, local spot with a reputation for one of the best burgers in town. If you're not of the red meat eating variety, like myself, you may have worked your way around the menu and had some pretty good food - but, I will not be working my way around the menu any longer. Today I tried The Isabella - a grilled wrap with some seriously good stuff rolled up inside. 

EASY skillet pizza.

Skillet pizza recipes are popping up everywhere on the internet. I mean, let’s be honest - pretty much everyone loves pizza, and the allure of a delicious homemade pizza is certainly attractive to most. This homemade pizza method used a cast iron skillet to achieve a perfectly cooked, fluffy crust. You're going to love it.