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Layering accessories. | My favorite combination.

A busy street on a hot summer day. I am just a girl walking around with a lot of overdue speeding tickets in her bag. Three to be exact, but who’s counting? I am often in a hurry, and always trying to get where I am going. I am not a power suit kind of girl, most days. I want to be causal and fun. I want to wear my pajamas on the street. I want to be fabulous no matter what. 

Weekly Obsessions | Warby, Drake & Sophia

If an obsession is a thought that frequently intrudes someone’s mind, then I gain and lose obsessions regularly. It is common for the idea of something to grow on me until I simply must make it happen. In fact, it can be almost impossible for me to move on from something until I have found a way to gain knowledge about it, add it to my closet, or incorporate it into my life in some way. 

Simple Smoked Salmon Pastries.

I have declared my love for smoked salmon time and time again, but something I often forget the importance of is the ability to create a quick and easy appetizer that will still impress your friends. So, I took to the kitchen to use a combination of crowd-pleasing flavors like smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers along with previously frozen puff pastry to whip up a killer hostess snack that can slay without causing stress sweat. The final product? A simple smoked salmon pastry roll that is packed with flavor and no hassle.   

I will always think there is something to be said for being classic, and for buying quality classic pieces for your wardrobe. 

I mentioned in a previous post that I took myself on a bit of a shopping spree at Anthropologie a few weeks ago. Well, this classic denim dress is also a result of that little extravaganza. 

Mediterranean Fusilli Salad

I love a nice light pasta salad. If it is covered in dressing, or tastes mostly of mayo I am out. I do not want that in my mouth. This pasta salad features all of my favorite Mediterranean flavors, without requiring any fatty or heavy sauces. It is fresh and as light as pasta salad can be.

Spring linen.

A few weeks ago, I took myself to Anthropologie on a Friday after work. I hadn’t done a lot of shopping recently, and the wedding invitations were piling up in the mail reminding me that I will need a nice supply of dresses for weddings of all levels of formality in the coming months. For me, walking into Anthro is like setting a bag of crack down in front of an addict. The smells wafting from those perfect candles. The colors. The well thought out and creative aesthetic of the entire place. I am pretty sure if I were a shop, I would look just like this den of books, flowers and texture.

A hippie at heart.

Once upon a time, summer simply made me think of flowers, sun and dips in the pool. There were no visions in my head of flower crowns, and fringe clad girls lounging on blankets listening the sounds of their favorite bands. There was no “festival season” to me. There was only summer, and the heat, and the waft of honeysuckle in the air.

Cheddar & chorizo pierogi.

If you’ve never had a pierogi, or if you don’t know what one is, the time to taste and try is now. Pierogi are filled dumplings of Eastern European origin with an indulgent potato filling. They are comforting, warm and will surely fill your stomach.

fab'rik. | New shopping in Chattanooga.

   A few months ago, I had the pleasure of joining a new friend with a similar passion for style at Chattanooga Fashion Week. That friend is Candace Barber, and it is with great excitement that I anticipate the opening of her new clothing store here in my beloved city! Candace is opening a new location of fab'rik, and the anticipation is killing me! I have previously shopped at fab'rik locations in other cities, and I will totally sing the praises of this trendy brand.

My mental shopping cart. | 4 things I need sooner, rather than later and some things I love along the way.

You know just as well as I do that it is impossible to scroll through Instagram or Pinterest without finding a list of little (or big) things you’d like to have. You know it is. Among all those beautiful photos, and well-curated versions of people, places and products you are bound to develop a little lust for some girl’s cute handbag or the perfect gallery wall. It’s only human. Well, this week these are my things. You know, the things I keep meaning to run out and pick up, or add to my Amazon shopping cart. Check out my list of this week’s most coveted products below.

LuLaRoe Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, Julia Gillhouse of LuLaRoe reached out to me in search of a collaboration. She offered to send me something from the LuLaRoe line and told me a little about the company the she is so passionate about. After checking out the brand, and gathering that one of the major focuses is achieving style and comfort without making sacrifices (also one of my major goals and inspirations when clothing myself daily) I knew I wanted to give it a try. Several of the styles available are similar to a t-shirt dress - but, with a makeover.

Seriously Good: Tremont Tavern's The Isabella

Nestled along Hixon Pike is North Chattanooga's Tremont Tavern. A cool, local spot with a reputation for one of the best burgers in town. If you're not of the red meat eating variety, like myself, you may have worked your way around the menu and had some pretty good food - but, I will not be working my way around the menu any longer. Today I tried The Isabella - a grilled wrap with some seriously good stuff rolled up inside.