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What I'm wearing this week. | Neutral colors and basic layers.

There is something so amazing about the perfect winter coat. Honestly, I feel instantly more "high class" once I slip into a good one. Once the weather started turning cold, I picked up this camel-colored overcoat at an Old Navy. Yes. I did just say Old Navy. Believe it or not, this isn't the first coat I have purchased from the Ole' N. It is an awesome wool blend, and just the right amount of warm. I find "looks for less" there all the time. 

What I'm wearing this week. | Velvet dresses and cozy tights.

I am all in on this velvet trend. When choosing holiday looks, and even my New Year's Even outfit, I decided to go with fun velvet dresses over sequins or sparkle. I love how the fabric hangs, and how luxurious it can look when styled properly. I have been hunting for really good velvet pieces since the weather turned cold, and I have added some serious texture to my closet over the past few months...

Patches in Motion. | How I style a patched up denim jacket.

The day on Broad Street was not hot, but almost to warm for this jacket. However, I refused to let it go. Adding your own sense of personal style to your clothing and accessories with patches speaks directly to my 10-year-old soul and screams, “MORE PATCHES. PATCHES EVERYWHERE.” It reminded me of all the handbags from Wal-Mart I hand painted, and those J-Lo brand jeans that I used fabric paint to create weeping willows up the legs of. Baby, I was born this way. 

Toasted Chicken Parmesan Wraps

Although a toasted flour tortilla filled with melted cheese, shredded chicken and tomato sauce may not be the most photogenic dish I have ever cooked, it is one of the most simple and satisfying dishes to ever come out of my kitchen. These wraps are good. Damn good. They require very little effort, and will make the most out of your meal on the go or turn your quickie lunch break into a delight.