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What I'm wearing this week. | Denim skirts and dainty scarves.

When small square neck scarves started popping up in the accessories section on some of my favorite brand's websites I was super excited. I have always LOVED wearing a neck scarf. It nods back to a different era, one that I am a big fan of, and adds a little personality to an outfit. I am also a huge fan of a higher neckline, and adding a scarf to a blouse or dress where the neckline is lower gives me that same flattering effect.

Layering accessories. | My favorite combination.

A busy street on a hot summer day. I am just a girl walking around with a lot of overdue speeding tickets in her bag. Three to be exact, but who’s counting? I am often in a hurry, and always trying to get where I am going. I am not a power suit kind of girl, most days. I want to be causal and fun. I want to wear my pajamas on the street. I want to be fabulous no matter what.