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What I'm wearing this week. | Neutral colors and basic layers.

There is something so amazing about the perfect winter coat. Honestly, I feel instantly more "high class" once I slip into a good one. Once the weather started turning cold, I picked up this camel-colored overcoat at an Old Navy. Yes. I did just say Old Navy. Believe it or not, this isn't the first coat I have purchased from the Ole' N. It is an awesome wool blend, and just the right amount of warm. I find "looks for less" there all the time. 

Indian summer | flirty dresses & tall boots.

This weather does, however, give me the opportunity to wear some outfit combinations I never thought possible in Chattanooga's climate. A leather riding boot with a little sundress would normally be out of the question. It usually falls from very hot to very cold very quickly. Now, the red mercury sits stagnant in the 80s and I frequently have no idea what to wear.

Patches in Motion. | How I style a patched up denim jacket.

The day on Broad Street was not hot, but almost to warm for this jacket. However, I refused to let it go. Adding your own sense of personal style to your clothing and accessories with patches speaks directly to my 10-year-old soul and screams, “MORE PATCHES. PATCHES EVERYWHERE.” It reminded me of all the handbags from Wal-Mart I hand painted, and those J-Lo brand jeans that I used fabric paint to create weeping willows up the legs of. Baby, I was born this way. 

Day-to-Night Jumpsuit

Each time I walk into a dressing room, I think to myself “When can I wear this?” Sometimes, the answer to this question is NEVER, or NOT ENOUGH and it prevents me from buying something I really didn’t need. However, sometimes the answer to this questions is, “Jodi, you can work in this outfit, OR you can play in it.” - that is when I march straight to the checkout.